These questions are answered by Nicolas Slusarenko, Developer of Trokam.

What is Trokam?

Trokam is an ongoing project to develop an online, ad-free and open source search engine.

Why I did it?

I want develop a new business, in the terms that I would like to use an online service.

  • Trokam respect your privacy. Trokam does not collect any private data. Trokam deliver the same results no matter who or where the user is.
  • Trokam does not have advertisement mixed with search results. There is no commercial mechanism to influence the visibility of a particular result.
  • Results are auditable. No matter if the page ranking algorithm is basic or complex, the results are auditable.
  • Trokam is free software. All the code is available under GPLv2 (github.com/trokam).