This are questions made to and answer by Nicolas Slusarenko, Developer of Trokam. Have you a new one? Write to nicolas.slusarenko@trokam.com

What does ‘Trokam’ means?

Trokam does not have any particular meaning.

At the beginning, I wish develop an online service that would answer questions using an internal knowledge model. I imagined the online service as a sort of genius that would answer the questions.

Hence, I want a name for the genius. I wished something that evokes certainty and accuracy, trying different sounds. I wished a word that would be easily pronounced in different languages and not registered in any domain yet. Then it comes ‘Trokam’.

Well, the knowledge model is still in the horizon, however I am using the name already.

Why is build upon free software?

Trokam is aimed to bring to users the same benefits that free software paradigm has already done to the community in other areas. The world users have several free and open source operating systems, applications and services. It is time to have an online, free, powerful and open source search engine.

Why results are auditable? Who cares?

Search engines have a powerful influence in our lives. Trokam allow users audit search results. Trokam is build upon free software. Users control the search as they would control a tool.

Vast majority of the users are happy with a search engine that matches precisely their interests without caring how that is done. However, a small and increasing portion of users care about the inner workings of the system, for instance, the respect for privacy. Trokam is build with those users in mind.

Is Trokam non-profit or for-profit?

Trokam is for-profit. If some day I receive more money that the expenses I would be happy to draw some profit.

Does Trokam have expenses? What are Trokam expenses?

Yes, Trokam have expenses.

Five servers: Search, Development, Team, one for testing and one dedicated web crucher feeding the database are running on a paid provider in San Francisco. All those servers cost US$120 each month.

Could I help to fund Trokam? Could I donate?

Yes, I accept donations. That would be much appreciated.

You could contribute with the crowfunding campaign. If you donate, I would be happy to publish a short bio of you in the Thanks! page.

What do you plan to do with the funding?

Pay the expenses and pay my dedication to this project.

Why donations only and no advertisement?

I develop Trokam in the terms that I would like to find in a service and I do not like the advertisement in a web service.

Perhaps we could have a sort of social contract. I develop and maintain this service and if the community finds it valuable then they will support it.

Who are you?

My name is Nicolas Slusarenko, I live in Chile.

I enjoy programming, physics and mathematics.

I have two public profiles, one in LikedIn and other one in Google+ (mostly in Spanish).